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The purpose of the Coastal Retrofit Mississippi (CRM) project is to help homeowners strengthen their homes against wind damage. Your home could be protected by installing Roof Retrofits in the attic and/or Opening Retrofits around windows and doors. These types of retrofits “mitigate” or reduce the potential for damage to your home when installed correctly using techniques based on extensive wind engineering and analyses. CRM retrofits are designed to meet or exceed all local building codes and are part of an engineered system specifically designed for your home. The types of shutters, doors, and construction items for your attic and roof are specialized products that have been designed for the wind loads where your home is located. For additional information please call us at (228) 432-3143.Hello World!

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is the Project Manager for this project. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) will provide Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) funds to pay up to 90 precent of the cost of the standard retrofit package(s). Applied Research Associates, Inc. Southern Division (ARA), a Mississippi engineering firm, was selected by MEMA through a competitive procurement process to perform inspections, provide engineering and benefit-cost analyses, and perform installation of the retrofits.

Participating in this project provides multiple benefits for the homeowner, including but not limited to, the following:

  • The homeowners receive engineered solutions for preventing wind damage for their specific type of home.
  • Participating homeowners are encouraged to talk with their insurance agents to discuss benefits of strengthening their home against major wind events.
  • The entire process is managed by MEMA and ARA, so the homeowner does not have to get quotes, manage and schedule multiple contractors, or wonder if the work is being done to the engineering specifications for protecting against wind damage.
  • Inspections are performed before, during and after the retrofits are installed to ensure the engineering specifications are met.
  • MEMA and ARA take care of permits, interaction with building code officials, ordering materials, and construction of the retrofits.

Phase I of this project will provide individual grants for wind retrofit measures to homeowners residing in Mississippi’s three coastal counties of Harrison, Hancock and Jackson who at a minimum meet the following qualifications:

  • Owner-occupied single family structures.
  • Owners have a current homestead exemption.
  • Homes meet or exceed FEMA’s required Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) ratio.
  • Site built and mounted on a secure foundation.


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